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Inspired  by  the values, ​ the cultural and spiritual traditions of Europe, Geapolis  aims creating and supporting a culture of lifelong learning

Geapolis believes that culture of Lifelong Learning is  a “method of social integration”, to generate skills, personal and professional skills that promote development on the territory and quality of life.


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Since 1999 Geapolis


  • COMMITS itself to support the European dimension of education through study, documentation and action research finalized to educational innovation centered on core competencies


  •  VALORISES the potentialities of culture and the identity of the area as distinctive and qualifying in terms of development of rural areas


  • PROMOTES in the contexts of non-formal and informal education through follow-up and guidance of adults


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  • ENCOURAGES the design of “cultural environments and integrated training” through synergies between the organizations involved in the fields of ‘formal, non-formal and informal learning. (link-Doc.1).

Portfolio – A

  • OFFERS a contribution to the organizational development and professional growth in school contexts. Heritage education is the core project and working method for the experimentation of the Community of Learners


  • PROPOSES  services and multipurpose learning  activities  supporting the development of innovative services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning and management of adult education organizations (key competences)  




Geapolis .. Lifelong Learning Landscapes

Via Maternum n. 281

Piansano (VT) 01010  ITALY

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